I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a toddler, asking him not to throw his plate of food on the floor. At least that’s how most of my days begin and end.

I’m Emily. My tyrannical dictator 4yo son calls me “mommy”, my 3 month old baby girl calls me “agahgahgah” , my best friend calls me wife, and we make our home in Northern California. Before I became a mom I did all sorts of things; retail, accounting, full-time ministry, and for two long years helped new parents learn about and shop for all things baby. Writing has always been a passion and hobby.

It’s my hope that the words on these pages will make you laugh, cry, eat good food and enjoy pretty things just a little bit more. Mom may be in the name of this blog, but it’s for anyone really. It evolved from a mommy blog, to a lifestyle blog, to posts on current events effecting families, Christians and ex-Christians in America.

My life has evolved and so will this site. We are all more than just parents, those of us raising littles and bigs. We are wives, husbands, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, employees, theologians, philosophers, artists, writers, and dreamers. We can be parents and use the other half of our brain to be passionate about the things that move us. I don’t believe in staying in one lane, I have many lanes. As I’m sure you do too.

So here’s to not staying in your lane. Here’s to standing up for the things you believe in, whatever those may be.