February Updates & eBook Launch!

February is almost half over guys, that’s crazy! Things have been quiet for a bit (again, I know, call it mid-pregnancy crisis or something) but I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a lot of soul searching and trying to find out where I really fit in this blogging world; to best use my gifts to help other mamas in not only their mom life, but their faith life as well. So here’s an update on where we’re headed, and I hope you’ll stick around for this crazy journey!

The Road Less Traveled

When I first launched this blog I had high hopes of influencing other moms of young ones through tips on the basics; homemaking, parenting, etc. The thing is that no matter where I turned, my own faith journey seemed to keep creeping in. This led to all the silence on here lately, as I spent a long time trying to decide where my gifts are best used. And here’s the thing mamas, I could share recipes and printables and funny quips on parenting until I turn blue. But I would be doing you all a disservice by not ever scratching below the surface. Do you see where this is headed?

As a writer I want to do more than fill the internet with fluff. There’s plenty of fluff. You can find it anywhere. I want to do more of the hard work for you. I want to dig deep and talk about the hard things. I love reading funny parenting tweets. But I want to offer a place where the hard things are ok to talk about too.

So over the next few months I hope you’ll stick with me as I embark on journey that challenges our idea of motherhood, what it means to accept grace, how our own past shapes our current faith in God and ourselves, and how we use our voices to encourage and lift up rather than tear down the other women in our lives.

In addition to the hard things, I’ll continue to share parenting stuff, share my favorite things with you and review/share only the stuff that I REALLY love and use. Honesty is always my best policy.

Let’s Start With This

I promised the launch of a new eBook, and although waylaid a few weeks; IT’S FINALLY FINISHED!! I am so nervous and excited. This book is my whole heart for every single one of you. Its really an anthem of this generation of mamas raising littles and surviving this media crazed world of self-sufficiency we often feel like we’re drowning in. I want it to be a beacon of hope for your tired mama soul.

If there’s two things I want you to get from this book it’s this: 1) You are mom enough. 2) You are not alone.

Now that you know what’s coming down the pike, are you ready? I will be posting the link to download your own copy of A Fierce Love: Faith, Grace & Advice for the Early Years of Mom Life this Tuesday at 9:00am PST. I’ll be sharing the link to the post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at that time as well so there’ll be plenty of ways to click and download.

And let me end with THANK YOU

Thank you to my readers, subscribers, followers, friends and family who’ve been loyal as I find my way in this blogging/writing world. Your readership means more than you’ll ever know, and I’m forever grateful. Here’s to an exciting year of being the best version of ourselves we can honestly be.

Don’t forget to check back Tuesday at 9am PST for your free download!


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