Mom Shaming: Let’s end it.

Recently one of the funny meme-making moms I follow on Instagram posted the following meme: “I’m desperate but not *used breastpump* desperate” I normally would not comment on such a post, but saw others were weighing in (and I’m pregnant with no filter at the moment) so why not? My comment was respectful and straight forward, the original poster actually…

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motherhood, Pregnancy

Why You Need to Make Time for Mom Friends

Ever since getting married, my husband and I have moved a lot. Seven times in nine years to be exact. When you’re moving that often (always for jobs, no, not military) it becomes hard to mentally wrap your head around putting down roots. Pre-kids I had made a couple friends who were co-workers, but after having my son we knew…

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Planning, Recipes

Making Any Recipe Work

Part of successful meal planning is sometimes adapting recipes for the ingredients you already have on hand. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to change a recipe! The first thing to remember when it comes to cooking at home is not being afraid to try new things, and not being afraid to fail. For all the years I’ve been cooking,…

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