Mom Shaming: Let’s end it.

Recently one of the funny meme-making moms I follow on Instagram posted the following meme: “I’m desperate but not *used breastpump* desperate” I normally would not comment on such a post, but saw others were weighing in (and I’m pregnant with no filter at the moment) so why not? My comment was respectful and straight forward, the original poster actually…

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February Updates & eBook Launch!

February is almost half over guys, that’s crazy! Things have been quiet for a bit (again, I know, call it mid-pregnancy crisis or something) but I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a lot of soul searching and trying to find out where I really fit in this blogging world; to best use my gifts to help other mamas in…

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Ultimate Diaper Bag Packing Guide

First of all, can we get an amen for how far diaper bags have come? It’s 2017 and no longer are we relegated to cheap nylon and pastels. Unless of course nylon and pastels are your thing, then well, party on. But I’ll take a tote-turned-diaper-bag any day of the week over the bags of yesteryear. [This post contains affiliate…

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