I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a toddler, asking him not to throw his plate of food on the floor. At least that’s how most of my days begin and end.

Hi! I’m Emily. My 3yo tyrannical dictator  son calls me mom (plus 1 on the way- coming July 2018), my best friend calls me wife, and we make our home in Northern California. Before I became a mom I did all sorts of things; retail, accounting, full-time ministry, and for two long years helped new parents learn about and shop for all things baby.

I write on things I’m passionate about: mom life, pregnancy & childbirth, cooking, sustainable & natural products, social/cultural topics, theology, church culture, and encouraging moms of young children to use their gifts & take care of themselves.

So here’s to mom-ing the best way we know how: With lots of coffee and a whole lot of love.